“My Klout.com score has jumped from 53 to 58 over the past few days. Thanks to you and your colleagues."Steven Collier, Director of Smart Grid Strategies, Milsoft Utility Solutions
“As a volunteer member of the IEEE and President of the IEEE Standards Association, I've been impressed with Interprose's professionalism and their capabilities. They are phenomenal. I attended SXSWi 2013 expecting I was going to just moderate a panel. It turned out that because of Interprose, I met and collaborated with Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web. I also had interviews with the Washington Post, Forbes, Vocus and a photo shoot with Adweek. The exposure that the IEEE Standards Association received was more widespread than I had ever imagined. At SXSW, Interprose worked magic."Karen Bartleson, Senior Director of Community Marketing, Synopsys; President (2013-2014), IEEE Standards Association
“Interprose’s expertise in high-tech, combined with an absolute professionalism and attention to detail, has helped our company build strong relationships with our target media. Each member of the Interprose team brings their own depth of experience, which helps us immensely whether we are planning strategy, working day-to-day or responding to a timely incident. The team is action oriented and gets the job done."Erica Miskew, Manager of Corporate Communications, March Networks
“We've worked with Interprose for many years and they continue to do a fantastic job for us. They are a natural extension of my team, and they really know how to communicate our message in the right way to the right audience."Nadine Kittle, Marketing Communications Manager, DragonWave Inc.
“Interprose has been our agency for more than 10 years. They continue to bring fresh ideas to the table, not only in the media relations arena, but also with regard to social media programs. I value their support and counsel, and trust them to recommend things that are in the best interests of our company."Christine Keck, Senior Director of Corporate Communications, ADVA Optical Networking
“On behalf of the Ethernet Alliance, I would like to personally thank you for your invaluable contributions to our ongoing mission.  The unparalleled motivation, perseverance and quality clearly demonstrate that Interprose PR is committed to providing only the highest caliber professionals to support the Ethernet Alliance and all of its members."Scott Kipp, President, Ethernet Alliance
“Interprose has demonstrated a deep commitment to building awareness of Polaris Wireless among media and analysts over the past several years. They continually deliver innovative and useful communications strategies that produce positive results, and truly work as an integrated team with us. The team at Interprose has flexibly and professionally responded to changes in our business and we consider them to be strategic partners."Michael Doherty, Director of Product Marketing and Communications, Polaris Wireless
“Interprose supported the successful creation and implementation of Cisco's public sector PR and AR programs - they really helped put us on the map in these markets. Their size enabled them to support everyday as well as larger scale activities, and they delivered excellent results every time. Vivian and staff were great partners!"Janis Langley, Influencer Relations, Cisco
“Interprose has repeatedly proven they have the contacts, creative ability, work ethic, and professional attitude that is required to undertake high quality public relations in any high-tech market."John Morrell, Senior Director in Advanced Services, Cisco
“RapidMind has been acquired by Intel and I wanted to thank you for making us attractive to such a market leader. These things happen over years of establishing a market position and Interprose was a big part of that."Ray DePaul, CEO, RapidMind

Ideas, Insights, Intuition

In an era of increasing marketplace noise, Interprose is a strategic partner that can build business worth through advancing meaningful differentiation.
Unparalleled Results

Results, Credibility, Value

By developing a solid reputation throughout our history, we work with some of the strongest and most established B2B technology innovators and organizations.
A Proven Track Record



Cloudtech – Cloud computing: An important component of the physical infrastructure for smart cities

Today half of the world’s population is living in urban areas, and cities are growing their infrastructures and services to keep up. Traditionally city governments have different departments to oversee the metropolitan services for citizens; however, departments are not fully communicating their plans and actions, utilizing their services as independent entities. As a city grows, duplicated efforts and waste of resources emerge. In developing a smart city infrastructure, it is necessary to think of cities as complex systems with departments as subsystems sharing all resources and assets.

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Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 9.57.05 AM

Wireless Week – The Connected Car: Speeding the Growth of Automotive M2M Applications

The automotive industry continues to be a key driver of wireless machine-to-machine (M2M) applications and the pace of new adoptions is accelerating. With the expansion of high-speed cellular networks,Kohn Kohn original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and tier-1 suppliers are bringing more sophisticated software and services to the vehicle. From geo-fencing applications that tie digital services to real-time geographic locations, to in-car infotainment systems, to predictive analytics and safety services, new innovations are helping the automotive industry truly embrace the Internet of Things (IoT) and leverage new opportunities that the connected world offers.

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Super Mobility Week

Was Super Mobility Week A Mega Hit?

Summer vacations are over and the kids are back in school, which means it’s time to kick-start the fall show season with CTIA’s Super Mobility Week. As you may know, CTIA canceled the spring event in 2014 so they could super-size their mobile presence this fall and play host to the largest mobile event in North America, six months after Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. This “mega” show casts a net far and wide over the mobile ecosystem, with themes ranging from the connected car, to the mobile wallet, to managing your healthcare from your mobile phone, to the latest and greatest phone, phone cover, and accessories – all the way back to the enterprise and the network that makes all of this work.

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Space Shuttle Atlantis

Ready for Liftoff: How to Successfully Launch Your Blog

Launching a blog should be part of your overall communications strategy, but don’t underestimate the time involved to create and maintain it. Dedicated time and resources are vital to make it a successful venture.

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